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During my final high school season at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego , California I announced a fundraising effort to benefit the Chelsea's Light Foundation.  The event was called, "Strikeout Sex Offenders". The video to the left will explain the fundraiser and my efforts.

The fund raiser was asking for a $1.00 donation for each strikeout I had for my senior season.  My season was cut short when about half way through when I suffered a stress fracture in my right foot, ultimately ending my high school career.  At the time of the injury I had a record of 5-1 with a .90 era and 47 strikeouts.  I was able to raise over $7,000.00 for the Chelsea's Light Foundation.

After viewing the video you can still make a flat donation to the Chelsea's Light Foundation using the link below.  Simply click on the logo below and follow the instructions to make your tax deductible donation, and please make the donation on my behalf.

To this day, donations continue to arrive and for that I say, "thank you!".  A special shout out to the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation for donating $2,500.00 to Chelsea's Light Foundation.

I invite you to read the articles below that appeared in the Rancho Bernardo Journal and the San Diego Union Tribune.

Also, please feel free to pass along my "Strikeout Sex Offenders" message.  The more donations I can get, the more we can make a difference.  



Parker Bugg

FOX 5 San Diego Coverage

Union Tribune San Diego

Strikeouts That Make a Positive Difference


In a 2011 photo, a sunflower was placed at the trailhead in Rancho Bernardo Community Park to mark one year after Chelsey King's death. Rancho Bernardo pitcher Parker Bugg is conducting a program to benefit the Chelsea's Light Foundation. — K.C. Alfred

How to Help

• To make a donation to Rancho Bernardo pitcher Parker Bugg’s “Strike Out Sex Offenders” program, go to

• To learn more about the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, go to

He never met Chelsea King.

“I didn’t know her personally,” Rancho Bernardo High senior Parker Bugg said.


However, he knew classmates who did. And he could see the effect the spirited Poway High senior’s death had on them three years ago.

“They were devastated when it happened,” Bugg recalled.

During a routine run around Lake Hodges, the 17-year-old Titans cross country runner was attacked and murdered by a convicted sex offender. A freshman then, Bugg was horrified and saddened by the news.

“It was sickening, what happened,” Bugg said.


Three years later, Bugg has found a way to honor Chelsea King’s memory by raising funds for the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, whose mission as stated on its website is “to unite and lead people who are passionate about protecting children and inspiring positive change in their communities.”

Bugg, a right-handed pitcher who has accepted a scholarship offer to LSU, started the “Strike Out Sex Offenders” program. He is seeking $1 for each strikeout he records on the mound this season or flat donations. All proceeds go to the Chelsea’s Light Foundation.


“Initially, the idea originated on my official visit with LSU last year,” said Bugg, who has registered 39 strikeouts and a 0.90 ERA this spring.

LSU team officials encouraged potential Tigers to become active in their communities and find ways to make a difference — big or small. Bugg spoke with his parents and knew exactly how he wanted to help.


“Like many, you never want to see what happened to Chelsea, happen again,” said Bugg, who cites Chelsea’s Law as an important measure to ensure that convicted sex offenders are more closely monitored and that the most violent predators are locked up.

“I wanted to help in any way that I could,” Bugg said. “I couldn’t think of any better organization to help.”


Strikeouts made the most sense to Bugg, who fanned 49 batters last season en route to a 7-1 record and 2.28 ERA.

Before starting the project, he sought the permission of the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, Rancho Bernardo coach Sam Blalock, school administrators and the CIF’s San Diego Section.


“It’s truly a great cause by a great kid,” Blalock said. “He has had our full support ever since approaching the team with the idea.”

Donations and pledges have poured in. As many as 40 sponsors have committed to giving $1 for every strikeout this season. According to Bugg, his efforts have brought in about $4,000 despite a recent injury that placed him on crutches.


A stress fracture, which Bugg has fought in the past, is expected to sideline him anywhere from two to six weeks — potentially ruling him out for the rest of the year — though RB’s season could be extended if the No. 1-ranked Broncos (18-3) make a long run in the playoffs.


“It’s tough, but I’m trying my best to get back out there to get a few more strikeouts since so many people have signed up,” Bugg said.


“Still, I never imagined being able to raise so much money for the foundation. The community, my coaches and my teammates have supported this cause tremendously.”

Prep Baseball: Rancho Bernardo High’s Bugg Raising Money with Every Strikeout

By Michael Bower

Parker Bugg was a freshman when 17-year-old Poway High student Chelsea King went for a run at Rancho Bernardo Community Park and was attacked and killed by a registered sex offender in February of 2010.


Like many others in the community, Bugg could not believe something so horrific happened where so many tended to live because of its safety.

Now, three years later, the senior right-handed pitcher for Rancho Bernardo is raising money to help ensure it never happens again.

Bugg, who earned a full scholarship to college baseball powerhouse LSU, announced his fundraising effort, “Strikeout Sex Offenders,” last week.

Bugg is asking for people to donate money for each strikeout he records this season or to make a flat donation on his behalf.

All of the money raised will be going to the Chelsea’s Light Foundation, which supports efforts “to eliminate harm to children by sexual predators through community activism, legislative reform, and education.” The foundation also gives out scholarships.

“It all started with my official visit to LSU last November,” said Bugg, who through Tuesday has 18 strikeouts. “They talked about how they have the highest attendance in college baseball and because of that they encourage players to give back to the community … I came home and talked about it with my parents and thought this would be the perfect idea.”

Bugg, who stands 6-feet, 6-inches tall and hovers around 87-90 mph with his fastball, said so far he has raised in the neighborhood of $1500.

He had to get permission from the CIF San Diego Section, Rancho Bernardo athletic director Peggy Brose, head coach Sam Blalock and the Chelsea’s Light Foundation to start the fundraiser.

“They were all for it,” Bugg said. “They all thought it was a great idea and they are all supporting me on this.”

Bugg made a two-minute video to explain the fundraiser. You can find the video on his website (, where you can also signup to make a donation. 

Bugg will update his website after each outing so people can follow along with the progress of the fundraiser.

“I just want to try to raise awareness so it will never happen again,” he said. “I was also fortunate enough to earn a scholarship so maybe I can help somebody else get one.”

Bugg is slated to pitch today against Helix at 3:30 p.m. at Granite Hills High School in the Lions Tournament.

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